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Add real-time Messaging, Calls, and Conferencing to your Flutter App in just 30 minutes

In less than half an hour and with under 100 lines of Flutter code, you can integrate real-time messaging, group chat, video calls, voice calls, and conferencing into your Flutter app for both Android and iOS. No complicated coding or setups required …

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Mesibo emerges as the World’s Strongest Platform for End-to-End Encryption!

Signal is a good app and was so far perceived to be the most secure and private app. However, the algorithm has never been updated, it uses relatively outdated and fixed ciphers, and most importantly, lacks man-in-the-middle protection. The new …

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Enhancing Signal’s End-to-End Encryption Algorithm Eliminating Man-in-the-Middle and other…

In this article, we will briefly describe the shortcomings of Open-Whisper System (Signal)’s end-to-end encryption algorithm and why we decided to write an enhanced version that eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks and other limitations.